When a pensioner dies

If a family member who was drawing a French retirement pension dies, you will need to complete the paperwork to report the death to us. If your spouse dies and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can also apply for a survivor’s retirement pension.

Reporting the death of a pensioner

If a pensioner dies, notify their regional fund by letter. You will need to provide their social security number, last name, first name, and date and place of death. You will also need to attach a death certificate to your letter.

We will need this letter to stop payment of the deceased’s retirement pension at the correct time.

The pension installment for the month of the pensioner’s death will be paid in its entirety, whatever the date of death. Any payments made for periods beyond the month of the pensioner’s death will need to be reimbursed.

If any amounts are due at the time of death, they can be paid to the heirs (descendants, ascendants, siblings, and non-divorced surviving spouses) if documentary evidence is provided.

It is also important to notify the other organizations to which the deceased pensioner belonged. The paperwork requirements are explained on service-public.fr

Eligibility for a survivor’s retirement pension

Survivor’s retirement pensions are not awarded automatically. You will first need to check whether you are eligible by using our online simulator.

You will need to choose the effective date for your survivor’s retirement pension. The date you choose must be the first day of the month and must not fall before your 55th birthday (or before your 51st birthday if the death occurred prior to 2009 or if the insured went missing prior to 2008).

If you apply for your survivor’s retirement pension within a 12-month period following the pensioner’s death, you can set the effective date for the first day of the month following the death. Once the 12-month period is up, the earliest date you can choose is the first day of the month following submission of your application.

  • If you are residing in France
  1. Download and fill out the form entitled “Application for a survivor’s retirement pension” ("Demande de retraite de réversion").
  2. Mail your application to the regional fund that was paying the deceased’s pension, if they were retired, or to the regional fund that covers your place of residence, if the deceased was still working. 
  • If you are residing in another country

Has your country of residence signed a social security agreement with France?

Contact the  local security institution  in your country of residence. You will be issued with an international form which you will need to fill out, sign, and return to that institution. That institution will then forward it over to us. 

N.B.: Using the international form will ensure that all of your entitlements are taken into account. Do not send us the French form. 

Are you residing in a country with no social security agreement with France? 

If your spouse was drawing a retirement pension from France’s general scheme, submit your application to the regional fund that was paying their pension. Otherwise, submit it to the regional fund to which the deceased belonged on the basis of their last employment activity.


Was your spouse a salaried worker in agriculture, trades and crafts, or retail? Only one application is needed. Submit it to the retirement pension fund of your choice, preferably the one to which your spouse belonged on the basis of his/her last employment (whether in agricultural, trades and crafts, etc.). That fund will share the information you submit with the other pension schemes. 

Important: Separate applications are required for France’s supplementary pension schemes as well as for the special schemes. 


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