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Tout savoir sur votre retraite de la sécurité sociale

Procedures: how to claim an international old-age pension

You live outside France and you work or have worked in France and/or abroad? Here you can find an example of the advice given when you ask for your old-age pension.

An old-age pension is never granted automatically.

You would have to ask for a pension claim form at the relevant institution and return the form duly completed to the same institution. Your place of residence determines the institution of affiliation.

If you live in a country that belongs to the application area of Community regulations, you should return your claim form to:

  • the old-age insurance fund of your residence country
  • or the old-age insurance fund of your latest work place.
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According to European Regulations, if you have been affiliated to several pension schemes (amongst the French basic schemes), the last scheme of affiliation represents your « pivot scheme » towards the foreign scheme(s).

If you live in a country having signed a social security agreement with France, you should return your claim form to the pension fund in your residence country.

If you live in a country that has not signed a social security agreement with France, you can download your Personal Pension Claim Form on our website (Demande de retraite personnelle, fill it out, and send it back to the French pension fund where you were last insured.

If you live in France, you should contact the fund attached to your place of residence (Carsat, CNAV, CGSS).

We advise you to contact the relevant fund several months before the date of your retirement.

You can email us in the section: Ask a question

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Please note

If you live abroad during your retirement period, you will be asked to fill out a life certificate every year in order to enable the payment of your allowances. This is a necessary procedure, and your payments may be suspended if you do not respond.

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