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Tout savoir sur votre retraite de la sécurité sociale

You have worked in a country that has not signed an agreement with France

How is your pension calculated if you have worked both in France and in a country that has not signed a social security agreement with France?

Your pension calculation will be based on your career in France alone.

For more information, see How to calculate your pension (in French)

There is no established coordination between our scheme and the foreign scheme to which you have been contributing: your claim for a French old-age pension does not lead to an examination of your rights in the other country.

A noter

Please  note

You should seek further information on your rights in the other country as early as possible. Under certain circumstances, you can insure yourself voluntarily at the old-age insurance fund.

Find more information at the Centre of European and International Liaisons for Social Security (Cleiss) or at the Fund for French Nationals Abroad (CFE).

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