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Tout savoir sur votre retraite de la sécurité sociale

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Welcome to the Assurance retraite, France’s largest pension scheme. The Assurance retraite is the old-age insurance branch of the general (public) social security scheme in France is. This is the basic old-age pension scheme for private sector employees, managed by the National Old-Age Insurance Fund - Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse (Cnav). Founded in 1945, the Assurance retraite is a pay-as-you-go scheme which means that workers and employers finance the pensions paid out each month to the retirees of today. Through their contributions, workers accrue personal pension rights entitling them to claim a pension when they retire.

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Pensioners: residence abroad

For information about your rights as a pensioner living overseas, having worked both in France and abroad, click on Residence abroad.

Employees: international career in France and abroad

You are working, or you have worked, in France and abroad? If you have contributed to the general scheme this section concerns you regardless of you nationality.

Click on the "CC" to activate the English subtitles.

International contribution periods: what to take into account

Do you work in another country than France? Are you either on secondment, expatriated or locally employed? Depending on your situation, your rights at the General Scheme of the French Social security will differ.


Procedures: how to claim an international old-age pension

You live outside France and you work or have worked in France and/or abroad? Here you can find an example of the advice given when you ask for your old-age pension.

Purchase of contributions and volunteer contributions

Discover the different measures that may improve your amount of old-age pension

A detailed calculation of my international pension

A detailed calculation of my international pension.


The Old-Age Insurance Fund provides access to a number of electronic publications. Together with foreign pension schemes the Fund also organises international retirement information days in order to help you understand your pension.
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With your French social security number you can at any moment log into your personal account to purchase your career history and pension contributions in all the French pension schemes where you’ve been affiliated.

Click here to access the tutorial explaining how to create your personal account.

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Role and key figures 2018

International activities of Assurance retraite 2012 (Summary) EN - FR - SP  French, English or Spanish version of the yearly activity report 

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