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International contribution periods: what to take into account

Your status abroad

When you work abroad you may be employed locally or on secondment.

In case of secondment your employer continues to pay a contribution to the French general social security scheme. Your old-age pension is then calculated under the same conditions as if you had never left French territory. Hence, you are not concerned by the coordinated pensions calculation measures clarified here.

However, the rules do affect you if you are employed on a local contract. In that case, the contribution periods validated abroad are taken into account depending on the social security agreements concluded between France and the other country of work.

A noter

Please note

In order to review your rights obtained in France, please login to your personnel site and consult your career statement. Although the actual statements do not contain any information on the contribution periods carried out abroad, the periods are correctly taken into account.

International agreements: different scenarios

Depending on the concerned countries, the working periods carried out abroad are taken into account differently.

The pension calculation may embrace your entire career, including working periods abroad, if you have:

If you have worked in a country that has not signed a social security agreement with France, each country will separately calculate your pension, thus ignoring the validated periods in the other country.

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More information

To obtain more information on the calculation method that is applicable to your situation, please see A detailed calculation of my international pension.

The French and foreign pension funds organise information days where you can get more information on your pension rights. Please consult the calendar: International retirement information days and fairs.

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